Who we are.

We are, Automated Technology Machines Parts Repair, an independent North America, high-technology repair facility. We repair PCB-Circuit, Main-Mother-CPU-CDU-Printers Boards, Power Supplies, MCR-Card Reader including Motorize , LCD, Transport Assy. Deposit Gates, KeyPad, Key Boards, Printers, Modems, Routers-Switches, Back Plains, Instrumentation for Process Controle, ATMs and Communication hardware for TV and Radio broadcasting. ATM Parts Repair provides hi-tech electronic companies quick and reliable service they can depend on.

What we do.

We repair parts module for:

  • Electronic Circuit Boards-PCB     Atm machine                                                               PCI10
  • ATM-ABM-Bank Machines
  • Self-Service Technologies
  • Special OEM Electronics Hardware (e.g. Ticket to Ticket)
  • Process Control Instrumentation (Oil, Gas & Mining)
  • I.T. Networking Routers, Switches, Computers and Servers

When you get results.

  • Parts Repair – Five (5) Days Turn around Time (TAT)
  • Advanced Exchange – Prearranged
  • Exchange of Parts – As required
  • Expedited Repairs – in 1, 2, 24 and 48 Hour
  • Technical Support – Immediately by Phone or Skype
  • First and Second line training – Std. Business hours and Weekends
  • On-Site Service – Next day and Same day
  • Fulfillment and Forward Logistics – Daily

Where we are.

  • Canada
  • U.S.A.
  • Mexico
  • Central & South America
  • Europe

Why we do it.

  • Our customer is in the business of Cash Management, Maintaing Hardware and Growing their Buisness.
  • ATM Parts Repair is in the business of providing our customer with optional Supply Chain Service for their Service Parts.
  • The Repair Exchange and Advance Exchange Program is designed to minimize  the amount of time you will be without your device when seeking repair services, Replacement Device.

Some of our Customers in North America Include:

  • Mobilemoney
  • Newer Technologies Ltd.
  • The ATM Guy
  • HM Cash
  • CardTronic Canada (DirectCash, DC Payment)
  • Stanley Security Solutions (Frisco Bay Division)
  • AutoMatiCash Inc.