Originally established in 1988 and currently located in Toronto, Ontario, Automated Technology Machines Parts Repair is a North American, independent high-technology repair facility. We provide electronic and electronic-mechanical-based companies with supply.

We are a highly flexible, “single source” to maintain quality support, and minimize costs while ensuring convenience to the customer.

Through our customized parts repair service programs, we work with our partners to understand their needs and provide a cost-effective solution to their parts-repair problems.

ATM Parts Repair is a growing company committed to growing profitability for our customers around the world and achieving undisputed leadership in key service industries.


What We Offer

We Repair Parts For

  • OEMs Original Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors.
  • Financial Hardware ATM, ABM, CDU, Cheque Reader & Passbook printers.
  • Self-service Technologies
  • POS, Debit & Cash Register
  • Broadcasting Technologies
  • Oil, Gas & Mining Hardware
  • I.T. & Networking Hardware

Just In Time Repairs

  • Advanced Exchange: Parts shipped same day or pickup same day.
  • ExchangeSame Day, Immediately upon receiving the defective Part.
  • One Hour & Two Hour Expedite Repairs.
  • Twenty Four & Fourth Eight Hours Expedite Repairs.
  • Repairs, component level: Five Days Turn Around Time -TAT.

Supply Chain Services

  • Working Agreement
  • Fulfillment
  • Field-On-Site Service
  • Inventory Supply Chain Management
  • Revenue Sharing

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