RA number is not required, however if your system requires an RA# please obtain on web site or contact our Customer Care Representative (CCR) to obtain a Repair Authorization (RA) number  The RA number should be included on the customer’s packing slip/PO.

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Please include your packing slip, listing the fault for each part/module. All parts shipped for repair or exchange must be wrapped in conductive bags, in their original or equivalent packaging. Repaired parts will be returned in its original box unless otherwise requested and approved (per packaging, labeling, conductive/ESD bags, bubble wrap & shipping container) by the customer.  The customer is responsible for removing all programming, programs, data and removable storage media, and all other options. The ATM Parts Repair, Quality Assurance (QA) sticker bearing the parts or units assigned serial number must appear on the part. Part(s) must bear this sticker to qualify for warranty consideration.


280 Wildcat Road, Toronto, ON. M3J 2N5 Canada

210 South 8th Street, Lewiston, NY. 14092 U.S.A.


A receiving report confirms parts received manufacturer’s serial number, and any damaged or missing parts; will be issued to all new customers for their first order. Thereafter, the report will only be issued to customers if there is any discrepancy between what is received and the customer’s packing slip/PO.


The Repair Turn Around Time is Five (5) DAYS from the date received, prior 12:00 noon. e.g. If a part is received on Friday afternoon, then it will be logged in as being received the following Monday and will be completed the next Friday by the end of that business day. All Repair orders can be upgraded to an Expedited Repair Service (1-2-24-48 Hours) or Exchange during or before the repair process.                


Return Shipment Courier. Please forward your courier of choice name and account number to logistics@atmpartsrepair.com. Shipment will be sent via ground, billable to the customer, unless stated otherwise by the Customer. Repairs of $500.00+ and current account free shipping via ground. Service Programs free shipping, via ground. Customer please inform sales@atmpartsrepair the type of insurance coverage for returns shipments. Courier Cut off Time for Orders 3:00pm EST for overnight or pick-up.   ATM Parts Repair insurance all customer parts while they are in our care and control.Once the product leaves our docks, the responsibility of the product belongs to both the customer and/or their carrier. 


Repaired parts will be returned in new or recycled boxes, bubble wrap, antistatic and conductive material where required, defective information form, QA sealed or Seal? with identification label on boxes. The charge is $5:00 per package & box, unless otherwise requested by customer to be returned in its original box.


Repair, Expedited & Advanced Exchange comes with a 6 month Warranty. Supply Chain Programs Warranty is 365 Days-One Year. Repair Extended Warranty $35.00 per part per year. Repair Part that is found to have defects in material or workmanship. Potential Warranty shipping, Customer pays shipping to ATM Parts repair and ATM Parts Repair pays return shipping.


A Part that is not to be in an original fault condition, damaged beyond repair, missing parts or previously worked on by the customer or other vendor, will be returned to the customer with a $50.00 fee

All Repair Prices including Advanced Exchange and Expedited Repairs are Flat Rate and includes up to $25.00 fee in Components Parts Value (CPV). Our Customer Care Representative (CCR) will contact the customer for approval of; Any part for which an estimate is requested Repairs; Expedited Repairs or Advanced Exchange that will cost more than $25.00 fee worth of CPV;Charges for consumable parts

ATM Parts Repair will not accept from customers any part(s) for exchange or repair which is:Defaced or altered Not in a Repairable State (NRS) fee $50.00 fee

Upon inspection, if ATM Parts Repair determines that it has received a part in such condition, the customer is responsible for charges associated with the repair or restoration of such part(s), including the missing components. Parts that are deemed NRS the Customer will be invoiced for the replacement cost.

The repair and/or exchange part does not become the customer’s property until  ATM Parts Repair has received payment in full and has also received and accepted the defective part for exchange. 

Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, consumables are an extra charge (i.e. ribbons, special ICs, print heads, back light, motors, etc., if applicable.)

Any part (s) or module send in for repair or sent in under warranty and found to be functionally operational with No Fault Found (NFF) will be returned to the customer with a $50.00 fee test and handling charge.

Terms Canada e-transfer prior to shipping or Picking up including Cash or Cheque. Terms U.S.A. email accounting@atmpartsrepair.com  or  fax 416-736-4763 copy of cheque for depositing  simultaneously mailing cheque to 280 Wildcat Toronto, ON M3J 2N5 Canada or cheque with terms or certified cheque, WIRE transfer including Electronic Funds Transfer. Payments are  to be completed prior to shipping via PayPal.


Parts not picked up or shipped 30 days after the Invoice date will be charge storage fees. Starting from $5.00 to $30.00 per day per box. Storage fees are payable before picking up or shipping. Terms. 8


ATM Parts Repair will ensure that all repaired products functionality; performance and appearance are as originally designed by the manufacturer and, if listed, will be in accordance with CSA and NCB requirements. Repair of   Product(s) will not violate or void any CSA and NCB certification granted to the original manufacturer.  The electrical functionality of the product will not be adversely affected during any process involving cleaning solvents, paint, etc. Manufacturer warning labels will remain intact and legible or will be replaced. Protective covers (e.g., guards or  shields) will be securely mounted as originally designed or will be replaced. All electrical components deemed to be defective, including power cords exhibiting unsafe conditions (eg., cracking or chafing) will be replaced with an identical (same manufacturer, part or model number, electrical/thermal rating, physical dimensions and agency approval) or an approved alternate component (identical mechanical, electrical/thermal, physical, compositional and performance characteristics but different manufacturer). Approval for alternate components will consist of one of the following: written notification of approval from OEM;documented on CSA and or NCB listing;report certification by CSA and or NCB;contingent on commercially available cross-reference listing from component; In-house analysis by Supplier with CSA and or NCB approval.

Supplier will notify Buyer in writing of any such requirements to ensure Buyer approval, including any subcontracting effort. When using approved alternate component(s) or performing an EC, Supplier will perform the following Minimum safety test to include 100% hipot, polarity, ground integrity, functional test, record buyer part number, repair date, repair actions and proof of operator technical qualifications. Repair of Product involving EC’s will be re-certified  by the CSA and NCB (with applicable labels), prior to shipment of Product to Buyer. If Supplier is not able to meet specified criteria, then Product will be deemed non-repairable and Buyer will be notified accordingly.          Thank you for reading  this “The Fine Print”

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