Cassette SCDU 2K

Cassette SCDU 2K


Repair – $140.000

Exchange – $189.00

Advanced Exchange – $210.00

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Cassette SCDU  2K Cash Cassette GENMEGA

Weight:       KG            Dimension:  ” xxOR cm x cm x cm


Service Information

Service Information

All Repairs, Exchange and Advanced Exchange Flat Rate Price includes $25.00 in components-part(s) value (cpv). If cpv part(s) cost significantly exceeds $25.00, Customer Care Rep. will request authorization for the additional cost (minus $25.00), which will be adjusted with the final bill.

OFF LINE SERVICE REQUEST: Customers please use the Service Request RA# FORMS  below, when choosing to place your order manually, off line.

U.S.A. RA# FORM Address 2: 210 South 8th Street, Lewiston, NY. 14092 U.S.A.

CANADA RA# FORM Address 1: 280 Wildcat Road, Toronto, ON. M3J 2N5 Canada