FT5000 Xscale Printer Assembly

FT5000 Xscale Printer Assembly


Exchange - $391.50 

Advanced Exchange - $435.00

Repair w/Board & Cutter - $170.00

Repair w/Board, Cutter & Head - $290.00 
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For repair, $5 is charged as advance, which will be adjusted with the final bill. Please download the following forms, fill them and send us back along with the defective part through courier or drop them to the following addresses.

U.S.A. RA# FORMAddress 2: 210 South 8th Street, Lewiston,NY. 14092 U.S.A.

CANADA RA# FORMAddress 1: 280 Wildcat Road, Toronto,ON M3J 2N5 Canada


Service Information

Service Information

All Repairs, Exchange and Advanced Exchange Flat Rate Price includes $25.00 in components-part(s) value (cpv). If cpv part(s) cost significantly exceeds $25.00, Customer Care Rep. will request authorization for the additional cost (minus $25.00), which will be adjusted with the final bill.

U.S.A. RA# FORM Address 2: 210 South 8th Street, Lewiston, NY. 14092 U.S.A.

CANADA RA# FORM Address 1: 280 Wildcat Road, Toronto, ON. M3J 2N5 Canada