Supply Chain

ISO – Outsourcing Supply Chain Service Partner

To become our Customers (your) choice of Outsourcing Partners we are committee to work with our Customers in enhancing their cash flow by sharing the risk as per the definition of Partners. Toward that end it is significantly important for ATM Parts Repair to maintain our Customer ATM online time to 110%.    

ATM Parts Repair provides our customer with several choices of comprehensive Supply Chain Service Plans for Parts and Service of ATMs. All repairs come with our support from cradle to Grave Guarantee.

Working Agreement – Repair Service

The most popular utilizes service of the Supply Chain Program.  Customer signing up to become a member of the RSWA Group are immediately entitle to:

  • Parts Repair- Expedited Repairs, Exchange and Advanced Exchange
  • One  Year Warranty
  • % of Discount base on the amount of ATM service or
  • Repair Price as a % of Transaction
  • Return shipment at no extra cost
  • Technical Support via telephone
  • Real Time Video support via skips

Fulfillment – Reverse  and Forward Logistics

The Fulfilment Program is an option service that is addition to all the Outsourcing Programs above. The Forward logistics provide Service Parts inventory to Service Technician with information for reverse logistics return the defective parts to our Repair Lab.

Field Service – On Site

  • Canada Wide coverage
  • Parts included or excluded
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • $x per ATM per Month
  • % of Transaction

Revenue Sharing

  • $ per ATM per Month
  • % per ATM per Month
  • % per Transaction
  • Contract Rate $x per Month
  • Time and Parts as per demand

Inventory Program – Supply Chain Service

This Program provides our Customer with Parts Repair Service, Management of your Service Parts Inventory including logistics and warehousing.

Key benefit includes the accusation of customer inventory and access to remote depot across Canada.

ISO – Outsourcing Supply Chain Service Partner

 This is your Full Service Outsourcing Partner Program, providing:

  • Repair Service Working Agreement
  • Reverse and Forward Logistics Fulfillment
  • On-Site Field Service
  • Supply Chain Service Inventory Management
  • Revenue Sharing

In the new economy, Supply Chain Service, ISO Partner Customers reduces their focus on M&A activity, changed its go-to-market strategy, and is focused on growing transactions on its existing platform.