Value Added


ATM parts are available for rental on a daily, weekly or monthly basics. Rental fees are 1/3 the Repair Price per day including week ends. A valued added that increases your ATM Up Time.


Portfolios  for Sale or Buying  

With our Partners who is selling their Portfolios and our Partners who wants to buy Portfolios.  Call for Broker information.

Location  Location Location!

ATM Parts Repair Broker new and existing ATM sites location, across Canada for sale or rent via onetime fee or on-going % of transaction.

Vault Cash

Need Vault Cash?, we got the connection for all the cash you will need. 
Freeing up your Cash reserve to place more ATMs, expanding your business


Best Thing About Our Features, They’re All-Inclusive

Our fully managed solution includes an entire bundle of industry-leading services, support, and features. In addition to ultra-reliable connectivity, every OptConnect device includes the full suite of management tools, support, security, and monitoring that takes the guesswork, frustration, and stress out of connectivity. Learn more about each of our innovative features included with each of our devices below.


CPOS provides complete solutions for small to medium sized merchants that were previously only available to large retailers.

Customized solutions to grow your business with effective control.

CPOS provides leading edge technologies that process transactions at speeds significantly faster than stand alone solutions, are chip-enable and contact less.

We enable merchants to accept and consumers to use card based, mobile and virtual payments including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Interac, Union Pay, Wechat Pay, Ali Pay and Apple Pay.


Merchant Service B-Commerce

Blockchain Industry

The world for Blockchain currency has arrived and B4U Financial is the leader in the liquidity of crypto currencies. Consumers and Business are benefiting from B4U solutions providing liquidity thru ATM’s and Merchants in the mainstream market


Get secure access to ever major Banking platform across Canada with On-Line Service Corp. via ATM Parts Repair.  CONTACT: 416-736-4949


Software and Hardware installation

TIK Logistics & ATM Parts Repair has partner to facilitate Hardware Installation and Staging. CONTACT: Tom (647) 269-2824 or Erdiston 416-736-4949

End of Life Support

Disposing of retired hardware by adhering to a philosophy Repair, Refurbish, Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. ATM Parts Repair Assets Recovery Service enable clients to reduce waste and optimize repair profits.